This is my blog. Not my first, hopefully my last. First I was an engineer. Then I was a journalist. Now I am a person. Though, if someone pays me, I could still be a journalist.

Here, I’ll write about whatever the hell I want to write about: life, love, people, politics, religion, films, music, literature, philosophy, football, tennis, cricket, video games, popular culture, not-so-popular culture, awesome YouTube channels and the fact that I look like Casey Affleck (if he was brown).

“I may be nothing now, but I will rise. I’ll have more followers than Jesus Christ”. Also, “I’m not living, I’m just killing time”.

Read my past work here.  And if you’re a die-hard fan of my writing and cannot get enough of me, you can check out my reports and features by Googling “Manas Mitul Indian Express” (they did not bother to create an author archive for me).

He smiled ever so slightly and said something sinister with his eyes. A loud hiss was followed by a gush of dense, gray smoke. And in seconds, even before the air cleared, poof—he was gone.